top golf dubai

Top Golf Dubai The Modern Take on Golfing in the City

Stunning views and a massive entertainment venue that boasts 96 bays holding up to 6 guests each and 4 VIP bays over three levels! located at Emirates Golf Club.

If you’re planning a party or your next work night out there are both meeting rooms and VIP rooms available for private hire – perfect for any group get-together.

The morning views are just as mesmerising as the night time views and if you’re a keen golfer looking to perfect your swing, the day time is definitely the best time to visit.

As you take your swing with the backdrop Dubai Marina skyline, you can track the microchip ball as it soars across the field, you can monitor your shot and score. Allowing you to tweak and adjust for the best golfer you can be!

Topgolf Dubai is for everyone, there are even lessons available everyday for those looking to learn golf.

Visit to book your ticket today!