Top Art Events of the Month December 2023

Top Spots Dubai shares Dubai’s top exhibition openings and cultural events for the month of December 2023.

Face of Resilience by Roshanak Aminelahi

Roshanak Aminelahi’s second solo exhibition at Ayyam Gallery showcases inspiring stories of women overcoming adversity in male-dominated societies, driving political, economic, and cultural change. Diverse in background and generation, these women’s portraits, from ordinary citizens to queens, reveal a collective tale of universal courage.

14th November until 2nd January 2024

Carbon 12, Alserkal Avenue

The Black Flags of Medea by Philip Mueller

In Philip Mueller’s new exhibition, ‘The Black Flags of Medea’, characters like the Black Flamingo Sad Boys and Naxos Racing Team gather, mixing old and new in unfamiliar places. The exhibit reflects on a lifetime spent seeking joy, but now the characters feel a deep emptiness. Inspired by German Romanticism, it features scenic works, including an autumn scene tied to the artist’s birthplace, marking an important moment in the character’s journey.

14th November until 29th January 2024

Diana New York Running by Nour Malas

Diana proudly presents ‘Running’, the inaugural solo exhibition by Chicago artist Nour Malas, running from November 30th to December 22nd, 2023. Departing from her renowned large-scale canvases, Malas explores intimate oil paintings on wood, depicting figures and animals in meditative realms. The exhibition captures fleeting moments, echoing Malas’ assertion that her images are ‘always running away’.

30th November until 22nd December

Firetti Contemporary, Alserkal Avenue

Translucent Threads of Life by Yousra Wahba

This exhibit reveals the beauty in life’s unconventional and wild aspects, celebrating the unique charm that arises from these unconventional forms. With four distinct series of works, it invites visitors on a journey through translucent layers, blending science and art. It encourages appreciation for the beauty that emerges when boundaries are pushed.

7th December until 8th February 2024 

Give Your Weight To The Ground by Afra Al Dhaderi

‘Give Your Weight To The Ground’ is about slowing down and observing life’s rituals, like grounding ourselves in nature. The exhibition explores the connection between materials, our bodies, time, and the spaces we live in. Sculptures in different sizes represent elements of a home, and a soothing sound piece surrounds viewers, encouraging reflection on our surroundings.

14th November until 5th January 2024

Grey Noise, Alserkal Avenue

Half Light by Fahd Burki

‘Half Light’ captures moments between day and night, blending dimness and light, emergence and disappearance. The paintings explore scale, some fitting the canvas while others invite contemplation. This exhibition introduces subject matter, metaphor, and narrative, distilling experiences, dreams, and enigmatic thoughts into a transitional state of captivating uncertainty.

19th November until 3rd February 2024

Ishara Art Foundation, Alserkal Avenue

Only Life, Myriad Places: Sudarshan Shetty

‘Only Life, Myriad Places’ is a solo exhibition showcasing Sudarshan Shetty’s moving image works, including the global premiere of his latest film ‘Ek Jeevan Anek (One Life Many, 2023)’. The exhibit, the first survey of Shetty’s moving image works, presents rarely-seen videos, multimedia installations, and sculptures. It features eight key works, emphasizing Shetty’s engagement with South Asian musical and literary traditions.

25th August until 9th December

Jameel Arts Centre, Jaddaf Waterfront

Some Seasons: Fereydoun Ave and the Laal Collection, 1959 – 2019

‘Some Seasons: Fereydoun Ave and the Laal Collection, 1959-2019’ is curated by Negar Azimi and Sohrab Mohebbi with Talia Heiman and offers insights into Iran’s art production and circulation from the late 1950s to the present, spanning periods of monarchy and theocracy. Originally conceived before the current Iranian uprising, it presents works by artists such as Monir Sharoudy Farmanfarmaian, Rokni Haerizadeh, and others, capturing a rich historical narrative.

27th September until 23rd March 2024

“Guest Relations” by Murtaza Vali with Lucas Morin

‘Guest Relations’ exhibition delves into the historical, political, social, and cultural shifts accompanying Dubai’s rapid tourism growth. By examining hotels as historical subjects and considering other hospitality sites like airlines and amusement parks, it uncovers complexities beyond luxury, emphasizing the cultural significance and historical narratives inherent in the ‘work of welcome’.

4th November until 28th April 2024

Hurricane Waves by Clifford Ross

Clifford Ross’s solo exhibition, ‘Hurricane Waves’, features striking photographs that evolved from Ross’s 1996 series, ‘Hurricane Waves’, where he immersed himself in extreme weather to capture dramatic black-and-white images. Ross’s innovative techniques, from patented cameras to wood printing, demonstrate a commitment to technological advancements in his pursuit of expressive realism.

20th November until 15th January 2024

Perrotin, DIFC

Group Show Exhibition by Josh Sperling, Bernar Venet, Fancois Morellet, Richard Serra, Salvo, Kaws and Keith Haring

Perrotin Gallery in DIFC showcases both primary and secondary market works by gallery-represented artists in a 100-square-meter space. Actively participating in over twenty international art fairs annually, including Art Basel and Frieze, Perrotin has diversified its mission with editorial content, podcasts, videos, panel discussions, educational workshops, and concerts

22nd November until 22nd December

The Third Line, Alserkal Avenue

Duality by Nima Nabavi & Jason Seife

The Third Line presents ‘Duality,’ a collaborative exhibition by artists Nima Nabavi and Jason Seife. Born from a lasting artistic friendship, the show explores their shared visual language through canvases with matching dimensions but distinct expressions. Rooted in geometry, each piece is a dialogue between Nabavi and Seife’s unique approaches to colour and form.

14th November until 5th January 2024

The Front Side Strikes the Most by Saher Nassar

Saher Nassar’s latest work delves into the psychology of soldiers, exploring the impact of their training and actions within larger power structures. The artwork adopts an observational, neutral stance, delving into the motivations shaping their moral compass. Through unconventional visuals, it challenges viewers to question conventional notions of right and wrong.

28th September until 30th December